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Quality, integrity, and vision, these three words speak volumes.  They represent the philosophy that guides every project Riley Custom Homes & Renovations undertakes. Uncompromising quality and superior customer service are the guiding principles, from foundation to final inspection.

Riley Custom Homes & Renovations, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured general contractor specializing in high-end custom homes and renovations. Renown for its commitment to quality, including framing beyond industry standards for structural integrity using state-of-the-art engineered materials, unique waterproofing techniques to ensure our windows will never leak at the edge and many other construction methods. We use only some of the area’s finest contractors for our plumbing, electrical, HVAC and other trades.

As a specialty company, Riley Custom Homes & Renovations has many advantages over large production builders. First is personalized service. Our superintendents have our President’s ear at all times. There is no long “chain” of people to work through when you have questions. Second, by not having a lot of people in this chain, we are much better able to monitor quality, ensuring that all standards are met, both ours and yours. Also, we employ top-notch carpenters and work with small crews to guarantee that the job is done right, with nothing missed.

Please review the rest of our website and see what makes Riley Custom Homes & Renovations your best choice for your custom home or remodeling project.


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